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    I was unsuccessful finding the solution to my problem :-( so I&#039;m posting my problem again...<BR><BR>I used the &#039;Absolutely Positioned Scrollable Area&#039; script which I found on www.dhtmlshock.com and am having some problems. I have spent hours and hours trying to find the solution. <BR><BR>The problem...when I added the script into the head section and body section there was no problem...it worked perfectly in Internet Explorer and also Netscape Communicator 4.7, however when I went to change the top and left position of the #divContent I could no longer see all my text in Netscape only in IE. In Netscape I see only a strip of text. I have uploaded the page so you can see what I mean... <BR><BR>http://www.sct.it/annawork/test/scrolltest.asp <BR><BR>Can someone please let me know what the problem is and what code I need to change? <BR><BR>Also, how can I get the layer to stay in the right spot when I resize the window? If you resize the window you&#039;ll see what I mean. I have tried using percentages but they are different in Netscape and IE... <BR><BR>This is super urgent. Please help! Anna

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    What do you mean? when I looked it seemed to work fine??<BR><BR>Even when I changed the pos, is moved fine?<BR><BR>&#060;div id="divContainer" style="left: 200px; top: 215px; width: 350; visibility: visible"&#062;<BR>

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