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    Default Form Variable's Input Type

    How can I evaluate a form variable&#039;s input type in ASP?<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance

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    You have to do it using client side JS then send it up to ASP:<BR><BR>// Javascript<BR>FormBoxType = document.forms.MyForm.MyBoxName.type<BR>document.l ocation = &#039;TheAsp.asp?FormType=&#039; + FormBoxType + &#039;&FormValue=&#039; + document.forms.MyForm.MyBoxName.value<BR>

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    Default Code it into Name

    Use Hungarian notation. The first the letters tell you what it is:<BR><BR>txtInputTypeText<BR>selSelectBox<BR>chk Checkbox<BR>radRadioButton<BR>hidHiddenField<BR>ta rTextArea (hmm... this doesn&#039;t sound right, what would you use? txt is what I normally use.)<BR><BR>-Doug<BR>

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