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    Hi all.<BR>I have 365 links spread over 12 pages. Each (you guessed it) link represents a day of the year, I intially wrote a VBScript that wrote all these links for me. However..... now I realise that I need to alter the links - no looping this time *gulp* so can someone tell me how I can take this string (will CDate() it later) and switch it around.<BR>Current string - somePage.asp?theDate=01/01/2001 (dd/mm/yyyy)<BR>Desired string - somepage.asp?theDate=2001/01/01 (yyyy/mm/dd)<BR><BR>I don&#039;t mind leaving the links as they are at the moment, I just need a routine that will take them from the querystring and flip them as shown above.<BR>Many thanks<BR>Jay

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    oldDate = 01/01/2001<BR>oldDay = day(oldDate)<BR>oldMonth = month(oldDate)<BR>oldYear = year(oldDate)<BR>newDate = oldYear&"/"&oldMonth&"/"&oldDay<BR>

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