Paging recordset using AbsolutePage

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Thread: Paging recordset using AbsolutePage

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    Default Paging recordset using AbsolutePage

    My favorite way of paging records in the classic ASP is using the "CursorLocation", "CacheSize" and "AbsolutePage" properties of the recordset object. How can I accomplish the same task in .Net without the use of temp tables?

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    Default Use a DataGrid

    The DataGrid Web control can do all this for you with very little code. See the help files at:<BR>ms-help://MS.VSCC/MS.MSDNVS/cpref/html/frlrfsystemwebuiwebcontrolsdatagridclassallowpagin gtopic.htm<BR><BR>There is a code example at the bottom to get you started. Also, the DataGrid can do other amazing things easily, like allowing the end user to update and delete records easily... see:<BR>

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