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    Bandi Sreekanth Guest

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    I have installed PWS comes with FrontPage on NT 4.0. I have created a sample ASP page. I am not able to run my ASP page on the same machine. I have NT 4.0 workstation. Can somebody suggest me where to keep my page? I am able to run Web Server and able to connect from Visual InetrDev 6.0. If I run like this "http://localhost/Dir/Sample.asp" it displays empty page. My "Dir" is under "c:Front WebpagesContentDir". What could be the problem. My "Sample.asp" is lying under "Dir". It does not display any error message also.<BR><BR><BR>

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    BandiCoot Guest

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    Try putting your asp pages in a sub directory of your WWWRoot folder in either Inetpub or Inetsrv. These directories , one or both should have created when you installed PWS. InterDev uses these folders also. The make the call to your asp page as http://localhost/whatever and it should see your asp instead of treying to dowload it as a file to save to disk.

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