Hi<BR><BR>I have a script called menu_array.js that iam using in my asp pages.<BR>The menu can be found at http://www.milonic.co.uk/ for anyone interested.<BR><BR>My problem is i have tried to put a placeholder in but can not get it to function<BR><BR>i have put:<BR><BR>&#060;div id="placeholder" style="position:relative; width:1px; height:1px;"&#062;&#060;/div&#062;<BR><BR>this in my asp page<BR>and then this:<BR><BR> var layer;<BR> var menux, menuy;<BR><BR> // Locate placeholder layer so we can use it to position the scrollers.<BR><BR> layer = getLayer("placeholder");<BR> menux = getPageLeft(layer);<BR> menuy = getPageTop(layer);<BR><BR>in the .js file and have replaced the values lower down the file with menux and menuy respectively<BR><BR>Am i going about this the right way ?<BR>Any fixes please ?