I&#039;m an admin for an Intranet site on an NT network. I used to run the site off PWS and Windows 98. Now I want to convert to WinXP and IIS. I had not used any COM components and was doing everything with ASP (which I know is bad design and I want to correct it when we switch). Here&#039;s the thing: those ASP pages cannot access some of the shared folders on the network (which is where our databases are). The problem seems to be that a local machine account (IISUser or something like that, I forget) is what&#039;s trying to access the network, and since it&#039;s unknown to the network domain, it can&#039;t even see the folder.<BR><BR>So, I was told to do a COM component. And it seemed to work, (though I was getting strange out of memory errors). So I assume that if you compile something to a .DLL, the .DLL process is using the access settings of the account logged into the machine.<BR><BR>Now that .NET is out, I think I&#039;m going to do the site that way and want to make sure that .NET .DLLs are going to be able to get out to the network. Hopefully I&#039;ve made some kind of sense and someone will be able to help! This seems like an important question and I&#039;ve never seen anyone ask it. Maybe in most setups it isn&#039;t a problem.<BR><BR>Lerch<BR><BR>P.S. - My thought for the .NET .DLL is to make a very generic one that when passed a connection and recordset byref (plus the sql and connect strings) would fill them.