Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m setting up a password protected site. The authentication is done using the built in iis 5.0 methods. Now the information on this site could be highly confidential so i&#039;m using SSL to encrypt the traffic from the web server to the client and vice-versa.<BR><BR>I have the site set so that it asks for a password as soon as it is loaded. There is no public facing welcome page, etc.<BR><BR>Is it possible to get IIS to redirect from port 80 to 443 automatically without using asp scripts? I&#039;m thinking that using a script could pose a possible security problem somewhere along the line.<BR><BR>So basically I want the user to type the normal address in. www.domain.com and the webserver auto-redirects to ssl on 443 then presents the user with a password prompt.<BR><BR>Is this possible?<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR><BR><BR>Robert