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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have an ASP page with navigation bar ( consisting of few HTML controls drop-down boxes, radio buttons and submit buttons) at the top and a html table at the bottom. The data in HTML table changes based on the values selected in navigation bar. When the user hits Submit button the application displays the same page with new information. <BR><BR>In the navigation I have 2 drop-down boxes.<BR>First drop-down box have values - Full Time, Part Time, Other<BR>Second drop-down box will have values based on first drop-down box. For Full-time and Part-time it displays 1st shift and 2nd shift and for Other it will display NONE.<BR><BR>When I redisplay the page I&#039;m reading query string values to set the values selected in drop-down boxes.<BR><BR>I&#039;m having strange problem. After 2 - 3 views of same page with different values if I hit "back" button of the browser the page displays incorrect information in HTML controls. For example the 2nd drop-down box displays NONE instead of 1st shift and 2nd shift if 1st drop-down is displaying Full-time. What could be the problem? Any suggestions ?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Could you post a link please? so that i can atleast c what ur talking about.. lol

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