I need a calendar for a website. This calendar must be capable of serving 100&#039;s or 1000&#039;s of clients with sparce usage. The backend is SQL Server 2000. I have not completely decided but it seems logical that the calendar should serve both &#039;private&#039; and &#039;public&#039; duty. Perhaps a public calendar would allow each member to have maybe a maximum number of appointments set? I don&#039;t want the public calendar to get overpopulated, yet I want the people to be able to add to it.<BR><BR>I looked at one I like at quick glance, ASP Calendar; http://www.kamath.com/calendar/default_old.asp I would like to code this myself if at all possible. Can anyone discuss the foundational work that must be done in order to accomplish this?<BR><BR>I would like to avoid Com work if possible but NOT required, I need experience doing COM creation/design and I have both the tools and the server to support Custom Components. Again though, if possible would like to go the ASP / XML (have Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.0 installed) / SQL 2000 route to create this Calendar Web Service.<BR><BR>I have a VisualASP http://www.visualasp.com/demo/ MonthView component installed on the server but I think it is not what I want and cannot be incorporated into the bigger picture.<BR><BR>Where do I start?<BR><BR>Thanks a million!<BR><BR>Daniel