Okay, this may get complicated and somewhat involved, but I&#039;ll try to keep it simple here. If anyone needs to see actual code, let me know, but I&#039;ll state it here and now for the record:<BR><BR>I&#039;m only having a problem with *ONE* user after TWELVE months of use. Every day hundreds of users have no problems at all, so I&#039;m pretty **** sure that the code is fine ... it has been heavily grilled for a long time by a wide range of users, OS, platforms, browsers etc.<BR><BR>So, that being said:<BR><BR>I&#039;m using an encryption routine that results in something akin to:<BR><BR>?crypt=%88%AE%A2%A0%96%87%81pZs%84s%9A% A9%C2%A0%7Bg%8E%8F<BR><BR>I think the actual code, routines etc were all found here at 4 guys.<BR><BR>This carries various ID&#039;s around, let&#039;s say ID1, ID2 and ID3.<BR><BR>Now, this works beautifully ... except for one person whi had no problems until recently.<BR><BR>He&#039;s using IE6.0 ... but it has chopped off the end of his string, so he get&#039;s ID1, but ID2 and ID3 are both blank ... they don&#039;t exist.<BR><BR>Has anyone encountered anything like this?<BR><BR>Are there any settings in IE6.0 that would cause querystring data to be lost?<BR><BR>It&#039;s almost asif his maximum URL is a shorter length than everyone elses ... but in all truth I don&#039;t know where to start.<BR><BR>I sent him to a test page, I got all three ID fields through fine with all three correct values, he got the first value and the rest blank.<BR><BR>WEIRD.<BR><BR>Where do I start trying to troubleshoot this? Has anyone else had it?