Hi, <BR><BR>given below is the pattern of a data to be dispalyed in an ASP pages. the ones in () are table-column names. <BR><BR>Everything works fine but for the POINT OF LEVY <BR><BR>The relation is alos given below. I would be happy to hear from U all on how to implement this relation in an ASP page. <BR><BR>-------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>Schedules : II(Taxsched.Schdno) - NIL (Taxsched.Partno)- Item No. 007(b) (Taxsched.Itemno) - Tax : 2 % (Taxsched.Taxrate) <BR><BR>Entry From : 17/07/1996 (Taxsched.Schdfrom)To : 17/08/2001 (Taxsched.Schdto) <BR><BR>&#039; this is what is not working <BR><BR>Point of Levy : FIRST SALE IN THE STATE (levypol.myval) <BR><BR>Description : (Taxsched.schddesc) <BR><BR>(b) Dressed hides and skins (which were not subjected to tax under this Act as raw hides and skins) <BR><BR>Notes : (Taxsched.schdnote) <BR><BR>1. Item No.7 of the Second Schedule covers Raw Hides and Skins and Dressed Hides and Skins in two sub items <BR>2. Since the point of levy for the Sub items are not the same, each sub item has been entered separately. <BR>3. The rate of tax was increased to 4% with effect from 18-08-2001 by Notification No.II(1)/CT/45(e-1)/2001 dated 18-08-2001, G.O.Ms. No.67, Commercial Taxes (B1), dated 18-08-2001. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Tables Involved: Taxsched, Levypol <BR><BR>Relations : <BR>For Point of Levy: <BR>Taxsched.levy=Levypol.myKey and Levypol.Tag =”POI” <BR><BR>----------------------------------------- <BR><BR>Awaiting reply