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    Hi, I am new to XML but have experience with ASP.<BR><BR>I want to create an .xml file (say, world.xml) and with this:<BR><BR>1.) Append new nodes and data via an .asp form<BR>2.) Read data from this form using asp<BR>3.) Display the asp using html and not xsl<BR><BR>Is this possible? I am sure it is, I just need to find out. <BR>Is XSL even worth using? IS is supported by IE 5 and up?<BR><BR>I just want start with something simple so I can understand the concept. Any ideas where I can see examples<BR><BR>Thanks, Todd

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    ok, use msxml parser.. check out the msdn reference stuff for it - long and boring but it&#039;ll show you pretty much everything you&#039;ll ever need (or indeed, want)<BR><BR>specifically look for the appendChild and createElement methods as they&#039;re what you&#039;ll use most when creating an xml doc in the parser..<BR><BR>quick example then..<BR>Dim objXML<BR>Set objXML = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>objXML. load "world.xml"<BR>objXML.documentElement.appendChild( objXML.createElement("new_node"))<BR><BR><BR>readi ng data back in from an asp page is easy too..<BR><BR>myvariable = objXML.documentElement.childNodes(0).text<BR><BR>< BR>xsl is great.. very powerful etc :)

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