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    Default Visual InterDev and PWS

    Is it possible to get InterDev to work on PWS? If so, what are the steps to creating a project?

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    Default RE: Visual InterDev and PWS

    It sounds like this is the first of many questions so I recommend you do what I did. MSDN Online. EVERYTHING you&#039ll need to know for months to come.<BR><BR>

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    Default ASP, Visual InterDev and PWS

    Maybe I&#039m just thick but I followed those links and still didn&#039t get an answer telling me how a beginner like me can run ASP pages in InterDev or FP98 without having access to an NT box. I&#039m running PWS 3.02, Win 95, FP 3.02 and InterDev 6. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.

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