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    I&#039;m working with a site that registers people for conferences. There are different options associated with these conferences that vary from conference to conference. These options include things like lunches, dinners, packets, etc, and there are various dollar amounts associated with them. Right now this is done (by an HTML programmer) using a checkbox next to the option, and then there is a textbox to the side where the customer enrolling enters the amount next to the checkbox. The office now wants the "total amount" box at the bottom (where the customer normally entered the total) to automatically total based on the amounts that the customer checked. Is there a way to automatically total amounts and enter them in a text box on that same page? Also, is there a way for the amount to automatically pop into the textbox next to the option that is checked so that the customer doesn&#039;t have to type it in?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Yes. Javascript.

    Javascript will allow you to take the values from the form fields, on the onBlur event and populate the other form fields.<BR><BR>You should be able to find information on or or other Javascript sites.<BR><BR>-Doug

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