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    I am using IIS 4.0 with Microsoft msxml sp1. I am trying to out put simple html but am having a problems. The asp page looks like this:<BR>set xmlDocument = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>set xslDocument = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>xmlDoc = "bjf1Rpt.xml"<BR>xslDoc = "bjf1Rpt.xsl"<BR>xmlDocument.load(Server.Mappath(x mlDoc))<BR>xslDocument.load(Server.Mappath(xslDoc) )<BR>Response.Write(xmlDocument.transformNode(xslD ocument))<BR><BR>The xml is not getting translated to HTML. I only get the pure html I have in the xml file. Anyone see this before.<BR>Thanks.<BR>Brian<BR><BR>

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    Assuming bjf1rpt.xml is valid and bjf1rpt.xsl transforms the document correctly try:<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = "text/xml" at the top of the document<BR>

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    Default Try XML forum...

    Also, you might want to show what the .XSL file is in that forum.<BR><BR>-Doug

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