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    I have built a page that allows a user to upload a file from their system. I need to then email that uploaded file. I&#039;ve got everything working, except I can&#039;t get my objMail.AttachFile to accept something dynamic that is entered into the form. It seems to only accept a hard coded path. I think I just have no idea what syntax it wants. I need part of the code to be hard coded (c:UploadedFiles) its the actual file name that needs to get dynamically generated based upon what the user enters as a name into my form.<BR><BR>What I have is...<BR>objMail.AttachFile("c:UploadedFiles\" & Uploader.Form("filename")")<BR><BR><BR>Will the objMail.AttachFile only accept a hard path? Am i completely wasting my time?<BR><BR>Any help is so greatly appreciated!<BR>

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    i had similar problems - it is possible using the syntax you listed. i was able to get it to work in a dev environment but when it was pushed to production, the attachement never came. all i can suggest is to play with server configurations.

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