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    Steve C. Guest

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    Notepad will not save my ASP applications as .asp, it keeps saving them as .txt files. I set the save as as All Files (*.*) and gave it an .asp extension but it still saved as a text. Therefore, my browser will not recognize the file and open it. I had to go into DOS to change the extension. Has anyone else encountered this difficulty? Is so please respond.

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    Stupid Windows.<BR><BR>Double click on My Computer, click on the View menu, go to Folder Options, then to the File Extensions tab. Choose the Active Server Document MIME type, and click Edit. Click New, type in the Action as Edit with Notepad and the Action to be performed as C:WINDOWSNotepad.exe (or whatever the proper path for your computer is)<BR><BR>That *should* do the trick. If you are still having problems, let me know... Happy programming!

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    Steve C. Guest

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    I did as you suggested, but the Active Server Document MIME type does not appear under the My Computer/View Menu/Folder Options/File Extensions. Could this be the reason that Notepad doesn&#039t save my file as .asp? Please advise.

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