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    Continuing with Indexing Services within my ASP code...<BR><BR>Yesterday&#039;s smart-alick response provoked me to look further. Knowing that I had in fact all ready "read the ****ing manual", I began more detailed searches.<BR><BR>I have found a file located in the system folder that contains ignored words. The file is noise.enu. The error when the program pukes is "The query contained only ignored words." The noise.enu file has 153 ignored words for Indexing Services to ignore.<BR><BR>So, should I write an IF test that contains all 153 words or is there some other suggested practice that deals with such "ignored words" as "a", "!", "the", etc.? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Just guessing ...

    but if you don&#039;t want to ignore those words, why not remove them from noise.enu ?

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    Just use a FREETEXT query on Index Server. That&#039;ll shut it up about noise words.<BR><BR>However, you&#039;ll have to be using ADO to connect to Index Server for this to work. Why anyone wouldn&#039;t, I don&#039;t know (aside from the old Frontpage searches which use .htx - ? - files).<BR><BR>Craig.

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