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    I would like to know how to workin relationships in ASP. This is what I want.<BR><BR>I hv a database - INDIA<BR>two tables in that - AISHOO & SUSH<BR><BR>I have a relationship set between these two tables in my ACCESS database. the relation is as follows :<BR><BR>aishoo.NAME = sush.MYKEY and sush.TAG = "SOI"<BR><BR><BR>now in my dynamic page I have recordsets - rs_aish, rs_sush<BR><BR>now if I want to call aish.NAME in my dynamic page, how do i set the coding..?<BR><BR>Hope iam clear.<BR><BR>-------<BR><BR>then next one,<BR><BR>Now while calling a record from table, how to display just only 1 record even though if it exists 6 or more times. (ie. how to avoid display of duplication of records?)<BR><BR>Plz help

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    1) Have one recordset with a JOINED query i.e.:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM aishoo JOIN sush ON aishoo.NAME = sush.MYKEY<BR><BR>2) To prevent duplicates from repeating:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT NAME FROM aishoo

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