Have two questions that really boil down to one. As I am a beginner, this is a big sticking point. <BR><BR>I need to find out if session variables persist through subwebs or if they are abandoned if you exit the subweb or transfer between subwebs.<BR><BR>This is going to affect how our site is laid out. Since our organization is separated into Regional components nationwide, a co-worker wants utilize subwebs for each region. All users will need access (and session variables) to drop information into a database via ASP pages. Not sure exactly where the database pages will be stored either in a folder off the main web or yet another subweb.<BR><BR>My idea was to have the intranet as a single subweb where users logged in and their session variables are assigned. Once they leave the subweb, their variables are abandoned. I want to have all data that they need validation to access held within the subweb in different folders.<BR><BR>Any ideas and good sources for session variable codes? I have a number of books on ASP and none really go into depth about session variables.<BR><BR>Thanks