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    I have written an ASP mail system that sends out a newsletter to a list of subscribers. However, because a user can select different bulletins to be sent I have to build each users newsletter and then send it, as each one could be unique. This is becoming quite server intensive when I send out the mails and I am afraid that the script will time out.<BR><BR>Therefore is it possible to increase the length of time a script will run for before it times out.<BR><BR>(This is only a temporary measure - I am looking into purchasing a 3rd party solution)<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Micheal

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    You can do this in the internet services manager consul.<BR><BR>Right click on site, directory tab, make sure that the creat app button is clicked, click configuration and you will see it there.<BR><BR>It should be set at 20 try 90<BR><BR>Paul

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    Default That's not the bit he's on about...

    That&#039;s the session timeout.<BR><BR>Although there is a section in there which will allow you to change the timeout on a script, but that defaults to 90seconds I think.<BR><BR>However, if you have built the application in ASP, would it not be a simple matter to convert it to a VB program and have that scheduled?<BR><BR>May save money compared to a 3rd party solution which may not fit in with how the rest of the application works.<BR><BR>Craig.

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