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    ...but it kinda follows on from the &#039;*****in about employers&#039; session yesterday.<BR><BR>After talking to a chap who runs his own company last night, he was keen to commission me to build him a website. Nothing too fancy, just an online catalogue (for cars in this case) with search options and with contact facilities to book test drives etc...<BR><BR>The project is well within my means and I&#039;ve already planned most of it out in my head, but I don&#039;t know what to charge as I&#039;ve never done private contract work. I am intereasted to hear from anybody who has and how they charge (by hour, per project etc...) and in particular what agreements they make for ongoing maintanence and/or minor changes after the initial work has been completed.<BR><BR>Also does anyone have any advise on where to get sample contracts for development work in order to cover my *** legally speaking.

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    I do a mixture of charging by the hour or for the job. It really depends on the client and the work invloved.<BR><BR>Will you be working at their offices or from home? If from their offices, I would suggest an hourly rate.<BR><BR>The really important thing is to get a fully agreed spec for the work (even more important if you are doing it for a fixed price).<BR><BR>You will need to setup some kind of a company to bill this work through. It doesn&#039;t have to be a Limited company, but you will need a company bank account.<BR><BR>Email me at eddie_asp@hotmail.com and I&#039;ll try and dig out some contract stuff.

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