The code below is included in each and every asp-page on my site.<BR>The site has about 5-6 thousand hits every day.<BR>I use the code below (getEntry-function) to get certain text-strings from an externally updated XML-file, my question is:<BR><BR>Is this a good solution (good performance or..?) or will it become a bottleneck when/if my site grows? <BR><BR>----------<BR><BR>dim objXML<BR><BR>Sub InitXMLObject<BR> if not isObject(application("xmlobj")) then<BR> set objXML = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.FreeThreadedXMLDOM" )<BR> objXML.load("some.xml")<BR> Application.lock<BR> Set Application("xmlobj") = objXMLlanguage<BR> Application.unlock<BR> else<BR> set objXML = Application("xmlobj")<BR> end if<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Function getEntry( reqItem )<BR> getEntry = objXML.getElementsByTagName( reqItem ).item(0).text<BR>End Function<BR>------------------<BR><BR><BR>