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    I could really use some help with the ASP Simple Upload object. I have created an online dating service that allows members to upload photos, and I am using ASP Simple Upload. The problem is that all pictures are uploaded to the same folder, so if two people upload a picture with the same name, the second submission will overwrite the previous one. I am trying to figure out how to append some additional information to the picture name to differentiate it from other picture names. I was thinking that I could attach the session name to the file name, but I haven&#039;t been able to figure out how to do this.<BR>I also haven&#039;t been able to figure out how to restrict the file uploads to images only. the code I am using is from the example they listed with their documentation.<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR> Dim upl, NewFileName <BR> <BR> Set upl = Server.CreateObject("ASPSimpleUpload.Upload") <BR> <BR> If Len(upl.Form("File1")) &#062; 0 Then <BR> NewFileName = "/Uploads/" & upl.ExtractFileName(upl.Form("File1")) <BR> If upl.SaveToWeb("File1", NewFileName) Then <BR> Response.Write("File successfully written to disk.") <BR> Else <BR> Response.Write("There was an error saving the file to disk.") <BR> End If <BR> End If <BR> %&#062; <BR>any help would be appreciated,<BR>Jim<BR><BR><BR>Also , their site seems to be down right now.

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    Check your mail box.<BR><BR>Still ...<BR><BR>Refrence : ASP messageBoard<BR>Hi,<BR>I also faced the same problem but solved with using frames in which one top window and two lower.<BR>Out of 2 lower one shows the list of uploaded docs by user and sec window keeps refreshing every second by auto refresh.<BR><BR>So supposing no two users will upload at a single second,this will work fine.<BR>Then using file transfer, transfer the doc in users login name folder which is unique folder in some directory place.<BR><BR>You can create folder using file system object.<BR>Ultimately you can transfer all images in final destination images folder after renaming them and store the original name,new name etc in the table of DB.So you always have the refrence.<BR><BR>This way you can manage.I also managed.<BR>If problem comes, mail me.<BR>For WSC Upload see www.ASP101.COM<BR><BR>Regards<BR>

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