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    I have a multilined asp:textbox control which I am presetting with content drawn from the database. Everything runs fine except when I try to validate this field. The page acts like there is no content in this field when there is. This is the only control the page refuses to validate. Can anyone think of why presetting this control&#039;s text field would cause validator to not see its contents? Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>&#060;asp:textbox id="txtTextContent" textMode="multiline" Rows="15" Columns="100" runat="server"/&#062;<BR>&#060;asp:RequiredFieldValidator id="valTextContent"<BR> ControlToValidate="txtTextContent"<BR> ErrorMessage="Please enter the Plain Text Content for the eMail Message"<BR> Display="Dynamic"<BR> Font-Name="Tahoma" Font-Size="12"<BR> runat="server" /&#062;

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    Are you still using the Beta 2 Framework?<BR><BR>I have heard that this is a known bug and you should notice that if you enter data into your multiline textbox but without any carriage returns it will validate 100%.<BR><BR>To solve this try update to Version 1<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Gavin

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