I have this in a component on a web server that queries index server. <BR><BR> If objRst("FromPlatinum") Then<BR> Call AppendWhere("@FromPlatinum=True")<BR> End If<BR><BR>The AppendWhere function just puts it into the final query that is passed to index server. When I response.write the query property I set up in my component, I get this:<BR><BR>(@FromPlatinum=True) AND (@EnteredDate&#062;=2002/01/12 AND @EnteredDate&#060;=2002/01/24) <BR><BR>When I modify this query to run in enterprise manager, it returns 6 results, but when I run it in the component through index server, it doesn&#039;t return any. I&#039;ve made sure that I&#039;ve set up my htm files with those two fields (FromPlatinum and Nominations) and that I&#039;ve set up all the properties in Index Server and rescanned the docs. It&#039;s still not giving any results though when I use the @FromPlatinum portion. If I take that out and just go by the dates, it returns a lot. Does anyone have any ideas what I can try here? Thanks.<BR>