Hi,<BR><BR>I am currently facing a problem with .net. I have windows 2000(no service packs) installed on my machine. I installed visual studio .net and .net framework and asp.net on that. <BR>When I execute a normal .asp or .aspx page, it is displayed fine. By normal, I mean just HTML code in there, but when I try to access a SQL 2000 table, the CPU usage goes up to 100% and in task manager it shows dllhost.exe using all the resources. If I leave the page as it is, it shows SQL server doesnot exist or access denied...or Connection pooling problem. But if I try the same database connection in coldfusion, it works fine. I have cold fusion server installed on the same machine.<BR><BR>Can u tell me what exactly is the problem and how do I resolve that?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance