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    Hello all...<BR>Just wondering...<BR><BR>Any advice on which technology to invest time into? That is, is the new SQL2000 *really* taking over from SQL7?<BR><BR>I ask as I&#039;m looking for an elective to take for my MCSD cert...and I know SQL7...most likely enough to pass...but am wondering about the SQL2000 app too...<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR>www.kkti.com<BR>jrudnick@kkti.com

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    Well, just something I&#039;ve noticed. We have a couple dedicated servers with a large professional host, but still use their shared SQL accounts. As of right now, they have no more SQL7 boxes built and don&#039;t plan to make new ones given the demand. Most of our apps were in SQL7, but given this, we decided to upgrade. They&#039;re all SQL2k now. <BR><BR>Just my 2 cents, <BR><BR>])ry

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    Well, I also knew SQL 7 and took the SQL 2000 exam, wasn&#039;t that much different. (passed by the way)<BR><BR><BR>Most important differences:<BR><BR>SQL2000 has functions, really cool!!<BR>SQL2000 has indexed views, sometimes handy<BR>SQL2000 has native XML support, also pretty cool<BR><BR>there are others, but less significant

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