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    Default Namespace Import Fails...

    I have a .aspx page to connect to access dbase and I get loads of errors, the root of the errors is:<BR><BR>Namespace or type &#039;ADO&#039; for the Imports &#039;System.Data.ADO&#039; cannot be found.<BR><BR>Do I have .net system files missing???<BR><BR>I read an article which said to connect to an access dbase i should import, is this correct?<BR><BR>I appreciate any help I get.<BR><BR>thanks.

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    Default Your namespace is wrong

    The System.Data.ADO namespace is old, as in Beta 1 old. :) Check out the documentation. The new namespace name is:<BR><BR>System.Data.OleDb<BR><BR>Also, the names of the classes in that namespace have changed. Be sure to check out the documentation!<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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