hi!<BR>i had serched in MSDN and in W3C site, but didn&#039;t find meteriales for this:<BR>how can i use the "any" and "all" keywords within X-PATH pattern in XSL document?. the only thing i had found about this is the reason for use this keywords (when filtering context-collection, only the top field in the collection will be tested according to the comparison expression in the filter).<BR>for example:<BR>"employees/employee/item[userInfo/logs=&#039;30-20&#039;]"<BR>in this example&#039; i filtered the item collection, and wanna check if one of the "logs" elements in the "userInfo" element in the "item" element have the value "30-20". but in the reality, not all the logs will be check according to the filter, just the top one!<BR><BR>thanks!<BR><BR>