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Thread: ASP to csv or EXCEL?

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    I have some asp pages pulling recordsets from SQL, I was wondering if I could code something so instead of returning the info to an asp page it would return it as a file to be saved like a csv or excel spreadsheet? If it&#039;s really involved maybe you can send me to a site where I can learn about it?<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.

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    CSV is dead easy. just output each record as comma separated values and add a linebreak at the end<BR><BR>and use Response.contenttype="tex/csv"<BR><BR>(check that though)<BR><BR>j

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    Default one more thing

    CSV is super easy and I do it fairly frequently.<BR><BR>Set the content type like Atrax said and you also need to add:<BR><BR>Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "inline;filename=file.csv"<BR><BR>

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