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    I'm using sessions to test for user authenication. My problem is using this statement at the top of all my pages stops the pages from being cached. Therefore they will be executed every time the user calls the page. This way my check to see if the user is logged in will always be executed. My issue is that i really only want to expire every page if the user has logged out. Not after every page. When i do it now sometimes i get Warning: Page has Expired when i'm logged in and i'm just trying to go back to the previous page. Any body has any ideals of how i can accomplish this. Expire every page when the user has logged out.

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    CacheControl take either "public" or "private". private is the no cache option, though it&#039;s sketchy, since it relies on the downstream proxies and browsers actually taking notice.<BR><BR>you can also try<BR><BR>Response.Expires = -1441<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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