Is there a different hit counter?

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Thread: Is there a different hit counter?

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    Default Is there a different hit counter?

    I have been looking into hit counter solutions for ASP and they all seem to be the same. Everyone that I have found seems to simply increment a number in an ASCII file each time the code is called.<BR><BR>Are there any solutions out there that can be a little smarter? For example, if I sit on a page and hit F5 200 times I would not want my page counter to go up that much. Or if the same users hits a site everyday, I would want to log their hits as non unique.<BR><BR>As I write this msg I&#039;m thinking I will just create my own component to do tis, but it seems that there must be something out there already, wouldn&#039;t you think?<BR><BR>Please let me know if there is...<BR><BR>Steve

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    Default Don't know...

    .. but, it&#039;s pretty easy to write something like that.<BR><BR>You wouldn&#039;t even need a COM object - a simple ASP function could handle it.<BR><BR>-Doug

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