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    I&#039;m not convinced that dropdown boxes are the best way...<BR><BR>I have 6 groups, 30 subitems under each groups. I need the user to select a group and then a subitem from that group. I don&#039;t like the idea of doing dropdown boxes with page refreshes...<BR><BR>I need the user to do this 15 different times on one page.<BR><BR>Select a group, select a subitem...<BR>Select a group, select a subitem...<BR>Select a group, select a subitem...<BR>Select a group, select a subitem...<BR>etc, etc, etc, 15 times..<BR><BR>What is the best way?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help. This is a real chore of a project...<BR><BR>dep<BR><BR>

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    Default http://www.learnasp.com/classic...

    ...and then search for "dynamic lists."<BR><BR>Mind you, his scheme is to load *all* the possible values for every list and sublist into JavaScript arrays, so if your user has a low bandwidth connection to you, it could take a while to download the page!<BR><BR>p.s.: The code there is pretty clumsy! You can do a lot better using ADODB.RecordSet.GetString to produce the JS arrays if you just give it a little thought.<BR><BR>I just did the math:<BR><BR>6 * 30 * 15 = 2700 subitems. If each subitem needs, say, 100 bytes to describe it, that&#039;s 270,000 bytes. With a 33K modem, that&#039;s about 100 seconds to download the page.<BR><BR>Or did you mean that there are only 30 subitems per set of 6 groups? If so, then it&#039;s only<BR><BR>30 * 15 = 450, 45,000 bytes, about 15 seconds. Much more reasonable.<BR>

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