First, I&#039m running NT4 SP5, PWS 4.02.0642, VB6 Ent w/ SP3.<BR><BR>I can write .ASP pages and have them work fine. I&#039m running into a problem in writing an ActiveX .DLL in VB6.<BR><BR>The project is as follows: <BR>References:<BR>Microsoft Active Server Pages Object Library<BR>Microsoft Transaction Server Type Library<BR><BR>Code in a class module named TestClass: (line #s for ref only)<BR>1: Function TestFunction()<BR>2: Dim ctxObj As MTxAS.ObjectContext<BR>3: Dim objResponse As ASPTypeLibrary.Response<BR>4: Set ctxObj = GetObjectContext()<BR>5: Set objRes = ctxObj("Response")<BR>6: objRes.Write "Hello World!"<BR>7: End Function<BR><BR>TestComp.asp:<BR>...<BR>Set obj = Server.CreateObject("TestComp.TestClass")<BR>Call obj.TestFunction<BR>...<BR><BR>When I first ran this in the debug envrionment I would get the following error at line 4:<BR>Run-time error &#039 91&#039: Object variable or With block variable not set.<BR><BR>This annoyed the heck out of me for awhile while I tried to track down the problem. Eventually I found an article on MS Support web site:<BR><BR>The article suggests that this error can be overcome by adding a key to the registry. Well, I did that, and, voila! The error was gone. Sort of...<BR><BR>Now when I run it, I get the following error at line 5:<BR>Run-time error &#039 13&#039: Type Mismatch<BR><BR>I&#039m pretty much out of ideas here. Any help you can provide would be appreciated!