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    Yan B. Guest

    Default Cann't "create" ActiveX object

    I&#039ve created a custom ActiveX object and registered it on the server. But now my ASP script won&#039t recognize it. I get an error message "Server.CreateObject Failed". I&#039m running PWS under Win98. Here is the code I use:<BR><BR>set crypt = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.ClassEncrypt")<BR><BR>An y advise?<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Yan B.

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    Jon Guest

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    It is possible that it did not register because of the MSWC object name that already used. To make sure that you registered the component on the server. Open up the registry. Look under your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Scroll down the folders till you find MSWC.ClassEncrypt. If it isn&#039t there, it didn&#039t register. If it is then look under the CLSID and search for the long string that is listed there. You should find the the object&#039s CLSID and path to the created dll or exe.

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    Yan B. Guest

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    I found it under:<BR>HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTTypeLib{33873215-CCC8-11D3-B1BD-00C04F428A35}4.0win32<BR><BR>path to the dll is:<BR>C:INETPUBWWWROOTENCRYPTDLLCLASSENCRYPT.DLL< BR>which is correct.<BR><BR>What&#039s next?

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    Bandicoot Guest

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    It seems that the name of the dll is actually CLASSENCRYPT.DLL<BR> which would mean that you would have to refer to it as CLASSENCRYPT.(Class module name) rather than as MSWC.ClassEncrypt.<BR>Its a simple mistake. Its all too easy to forget what you called the class modules in your dlls and the methods there in. Another usggestion is to make a standalone .EXE that refers to the newly registered dll. If it works when compiled then the dll is fully registered on your system. VB is probably your best bet for this.<BR><BR>Hope it helped.<BR> Bandicoot.

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