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    I want to print a HTML-page. This works great, accept if the text is too big it continous on the next page. I want that except i want a header and a footer on every page. <BR>How can i make pages, with a header and footer. Maybe the best thing to do is to make a Word-doc. instead of HTML/ ASP.<BR>Does anyone know how to make a Word-doc or to make header and footer on every page??<BR><BR>Thanks!!!

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    don&#039;t use a word doc. what if the person doesn&#039;t have office installed (perhaps is on Linux, or can&#039;t afford the outrageous cost of the **** thing). HTML is MEANT to be interoperable with absolutely every platform under the sun. don&#039;t go playing MS whore when you could reach everyone under the sun.<BR><BR>CSS has @print directives. perhaps you should look them up.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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