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    Akram Guest

    Default Recordset from a stored procedure

    The scenario is as follows:<BR><BR>The Stored procedure returns a recordset with 1000 records.. <BR><BR>Set rstemp = sptest.execute<BR><BR>The above statement gives me the recordset (sptest is the stored procedure)..<BR><BR>The problem is neither rstemp.movefirst or rstemp.movelast is working in my asp page. The following error pops up whenever i try to use the above methods..<BR><BR>"The rowset was built over a live data feed and cannot be restarted"<BR><BR>I&#039m not able to get the recordcount directly from the recordset object and I don&#039t wanna have a counter to get the number of records.. <BR><BR>Is there any way out to solve this problem..<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance

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    Riva Guest

    Default What cursor type are you using?

    The default is adOpenForwardOnly, so you need to specify if you want your RecordSet to be able to move, so to speak, by specifying a different constant better suited to your needs.<BR><BR>Check this --<BR><BR>for more info.<BR><BR>HTH!

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