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    Hi,<BR>I want users to be able to download .doc files from a database that I have. I am displaying the files as hyperlinks on a page. However, the link does not specify the filename correctly, mainly beacuse the filenames have spaces in them. Server.URLEncode is not helping either. I get "System could not file specified error" when i try to use it. Please advice.<BR>Thanks<BR>C.

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    Is it just that you haven&#039;t got the path in "" eg<BR><BR>&#060;A href=file://C:WINNTProfilesAdministratorDesktopas p tpdp.doc&#062;hello&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>doesn&#039;t work<BR><BR>&#060;A href="file://C:WINNTProfilesAdministratorDesktopas p tpdp.doc"&#062;hello&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>does

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