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    how can i make my login case sensitive?<BR>here is my basic code<BR><BR>strUser = Request.Form("username")<BR>strPass = Request.Form("password")<BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM testtable WHERE strUsername=&#039;" & strUser & "&#039; AND strPassword=&#039;" & strPass & "&#039;"<BR>Set RS = Conn.Execute(strSQL)<BR><BR>this code is not case sensitive<BR>how would i make it?????<BR>thanks :)

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    Default Compare it after the fact

    If strPassword = rs("password") Then<BR><BR>You&#039;ll get case sensitivity that way. You ain&#039;t gettin&#039; it in SQL unless you installed it that way &#060;which you didn&#039;t, so forget that as an option&#062;

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