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    Hello. I have a 5 dropdown boxes with, say, 20 options in each. I want the value of one dropdown box to populate a second dropdown box with the appropriate 20 options.<BR><BR>Say the first dropdown box is for "Group" -- If the user chooses Engineering as the group, I want the next dropdown box to be populated with the 20 items in that group.<BR><BR>Right now, I have each dropdown box in a separate .HTM page which I&#039;m pulling in with SSI&#039;s...<BR><BR>What is the way I should do this? Thank you very much for your help.<BR><BR>dep<BR>

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    Default Dynamically or Page refreshes?

    How do you plan on doing it?<BR><BR>If you are doing it dynamically, that&#039;s a lot of f**king data to write to the page. But, 4guys had an article on dependant listboxes. You would want to rewrite the JS functions to be more generic. It would at least give you a start.<BR><BR>I would just do it through page refreshes, populating the next as you go. Store all of the possible values in a database table and go from there.<BR><BR>-Doug

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