Some of my dots are missing!

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    I am using CDONTS in an ASP page to send an HTML formatted email to a large group of people. The HTML is picked up from another file which is edited each week by users. If the HTML contains a link to a filename of exactly 12 characters before the dot e.g. twelvetwelve.html then the dot disappears somehow and the link is broken. Immediately before and after the actual .send i can response.write it to the page and it&#039;s fine. However when the email arrives in either Groupwise or Hotmail the dot is gone and the link points to twelvetwelvehtml<BR>I have tried different file names and lengths and it really does seem to be 12 that is unlucky for me. Please say it&#039;s not just me!

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    may well be an issue of the mail client. difficult to say. only on *exactly* twelve characters? what about longer?<BR><BR>j<BR>

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