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    I have a ASP page which contains a form with 200 textboxes <BR>there will be a button a click on which should open a Pop Up window with a chart.We are using a third party component for displaying the chart. We need to assign the values of the text boxes in the parent . I am unable to capture the form values in the parent.. Can any one help me out<BR>

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    "[You] need to assign the values of the textboxes in the parent?"<BR><BR>You need to assign something TO them?<BR><BR>"[You are] unable to capture the form values in the parent."<BR><BR>Now you want to READ them?<BR><BR>Ok, I understand you have a mammoth form with 200 boxes on it. Something happens and a chart pops up. What then? Is the chart based on the values in the form? Or do the form values depend on some interaction with the chart?<BR><BR>I ASSUME it&#039;s that you want to PASS the form values from the form to the popup window. You have two options.<BR>1) Use to create the window, but give it a name. You can then SUBMIT the form containing the textboxes into that window (using the target attribute of the form). You can then read them in using the Request.Form() collection<BR>2) Use to create the window, but append all of the text boxes&#039; values on the end. That&#039;s a bad idea because there&#039;s a 2k limit on the querystring and you&#039;ll definately hit it.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, however, I&#039;m not quite sure what you want to do.<BR><BR>Craig.

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