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    Bernd Guest

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    I have a mailform.asp, but all the information are in one line. How can I style the mailform or (mailform.body tag) to get the informations in the receiving email in different lines. I tried it with <BR> but that doesn`t work. <BR>Thanks

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    phanindra.t Guest

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    mr brend,<BR>what you can do is find out the length of the text and for each 100 char&#039s insert chr(13)&#039new line character.this will work<BR>here is some sample code for that:<BR><BR>if request.form("text")&#060;>"" then<BR>for i=1 to len(request.form("text"))<BR>if j=125 then <BR>edu=edu&chr(13)<BR>j=1<BR>else<BR>edu=edu&mid( request.form("text"),i,1)<BR>j=j+1<BR>end if<BR>next <BR>

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