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    I want to be able to set up 3 virtual web sites on our IIS5 box. None of these sites have domain names as yet. I thought if I set them up to be http://123.123.123/siteA, http://123.123.123/siteb, and http://123.123.123/sitec then I would be able to browse to those addresses. Not so it would seem. I added the first and gave it a host header and all was well, I added a second and it said a duplicate name existed (different host header) but this site/content/name has never been near the IIS box. I want to set them up as virtual sites and not virtual directories coz the links to home pages and include files will be broken if they are a virtual directory. <BR>Any IISers out there can tell me where I missed a step please. <BR>Just to recap - 3 sites, same IP#, no domain name as yet. <BR>Many thanks <BR>Jay

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