Win API calls from ASP or VBScript

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Thread: Win API calls from ASP or VBScript

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    Judy Adabie Guest

    Default Win API calls from ASP or VBScript

    I&#039m needing to make a Win API call from my asp or VBScript. Where should I put the API header information in my asp or script code?

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

    Default RE: Win API calls from ASP or VBScript

    If you need to call directly to Win32, you&#039ll need to create a COM Automation component to wrap the functionality you want. Once you have it created, you can instantiate your component by saying something like<BR><BR>Dim myObj;<BR>Set myObj = Server.CreateObject("MyProg.MyProgID");<BR>myObj.m yWrapperFunction(myParamList);<BR><BR>where you pass in the ProgID of the component to CreateObject.<BR><BR>Not necessarily the answer you were looking for, I&#039d expect, since you have to more work than simply including a file.<BR><BR>Maybe someone should write a complete set of Win32 wrapper objects, for humanitarian purposes. ;-)

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