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    I have these jscript functions that make the drop down box bigger and smaller. It works like a charm. But if a user clicks on it, he would have to click 2 or 3 times depending the pc that he/she is on. So is there a way to make it drop down or a better way to code this than the way I am doing it. I am using these onfocus and on blur. It can be specific to just IE.<BR><BR>function focusbillto(billto,bol,payment,ratetype) {<BR> = "200%";<BR> = "hidden";<BR> = "hidden";<BR>return true;<BR>}<BR><BR>function blurbillto(billto,bol,payment,ratetype) {<BR> = "100%";<BR> = "visible";<BR> = "visible";<BR>return true;<BR>} <BR><BR>Matt

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    sorry, not getting what you mean??<BR><BR>

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