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Thread: Access on web - 1 large or 8 small?

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    Default Access on web - 1 large or 8 small?

    I sent the following letter to Scott Mitchell (4Guys..) and he said that it looked like something alot of people would be interested in trying to figure out. (he doesn&#039;t use Access, so he didn&#039;t know)<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the letter:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I was reading your response to "How big can my Access Database be?" and I&#039;m looking into all of the things that you said, but I don&#039;t see any actual definitive response.<BR> <BR>I am running 8 web-based systems (8 DBs) through Access on the same site, and as far as I can tell the site screams even if I have several users on or a single page that does data pulls from four different DBs. However, I realize that this is not a great idea, and if we should ever get up to the 120,000 hits a month (somebody smile on us) then we&#039;ll be wracking that servers brain.<BR> <BR>I haven&#039;t figured out yet if it is better to have a large DB with several tables in it, or a couple of smaller specialized dbs, or if a 1 meg file is bad or an 18 meg file is bad. (I have both)<BR> <BR>Can you be more specific?<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>so, what do you guys think?<BR>

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    Default there are a lot of factors

    1. 18Mb is waaaay too big for easy management, unless your webserver happens to be connected to your LAN. which isn&#039;t a very secure way of doing things.<BR>2. multiple databases could slow your site down if you use more than one to a page. Connections are high-resource operations, so connecting once is better than connecting twice (obviously).<BR>3. My biggest Access DB site is about a 2Mb mdb and I&#039;m upgrading that in about a month&#039;s time (sooner if I can afford it). It gets around 1000 or so page views a day, but does some intensive DB work.<BR>4. I don&#039;t usually consider even starting on access if the site is going to need to scale beyond about maybe 20 tables (or less if a lot of data is present). Then again, our clients have the cash.<BR>5. there are optimisations you can make to access. move queries into the DB. get redundant data OUT of the DB (lists of countries, states, cities and whatever are usually first to go in mine, since they&#039;re unlikely to change much) normalise to 3nf - no further.<BR>6. Microsoft doesn&#039;t recommend access for web work anyway. tight budget? install MySQL. Good budget? SQL Server 2000<BR>7. is this on a dedicated machine? if so you have the luxury of a fair amount of processing power to plough through problems by throwing processor cycles at them. <BR>8. 8 databases is fine if you have eight discrete data chunks. relating data across these DBs isn&#039;t such a great idea though.<BR><BR>anyone else with opinions?<BR><BR>j<BR>

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