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    Hi i need a simple script which I can integrate into my existing ASP which allow me to page through a recordset 5 records at a time. Then allow me to return to the previous five records. I need this to run on the same page as I want to use the same page layout for display my data.<BR><BR>I am running my asp pages on windows 98 PWS 4. Can&#039t get your script working as it can&#039t find the include file. I don&#039t know were it should go and what it should be called.<BR><BR>I would appreciate if you could make this as simple as possible. As I am very new to asp. <BR><BR>I have created the asp by using the access 2000 option save as .asp. So its just a simple dsn connection and a single table. I need to add code above it or below it to make this work.<BR><BR>cheers

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    I have been after the same information you have been.<BR>I found a solution that may also solve your problem as well.<BR>Take a look at:<BR><BR>

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